Good hotel
in the historic center of Bendery city
Hotel "Prietenia" is located in the historic center of Bendery city. Nearby are the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, the world famous Dniester River and of course the Fortress.

Business hotel on the Dniester river «Prietenia»

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Advantages of the hotel «Prietenia»

Our hotel is located in the center of Bandar near the central square. The proximity to major attractions, places of business and trade activity will allow you to easily plan your day, work productively and have a good rest. Our hotel on the Dniester invites you to take advantage of the business center and conference area. We offer a wide range of different services - a billiard room, sauna and 10-meter heated pool, a nightclub, 2 restaurants where the menu includes national Moldovan dishes.

The restaurants "Prietenia" offers a refined menu. The restaurant service provides catering services and is happy to arrange for you a variety of banquets and feasts.

How to book a room

Book a room at the "Prieteniya" you can through the online booking form on the website or by contacting the managers phone listed on the site or by writing to us at e-mail -

We offer individual and group reservations and are always happy to provide you with the best conditions in Bendery city!

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